About us

What is “JYUN” ?

"Jyun" means the backyard in Cantonese.

Why is“JYUN” ?

Because the backyard is the most comfortable place at home. Enjoy  delicious food in the most comfortable place is our concept.

What  type of food does “JYUN” serve?

Comprehensive cuisine based on Southern China  Cuisine.

Who is the guy always there for you?

Liang Ge is a Dreamer.

He did two-years dishwasher in Solstrand Hotell in Os, then he felt in love with cooking.

He followed his dream and worked in more than 18 different restaurants after that.

In 2010, he moved to OSLO.
"Nodee Majorstuen"  “Hanami " " Sawan "  in Oslo was part of Liang's “schools” to upgrade himself.

He also served as Headchef of Sawan restaurant 2016-2018.


Liang decided to open“JYUN” and shared his story  you.